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Margie from Narvon
Many Many Thanks to Peggy for all she does for the dogs!! Peggy is Terrific! Never would I have guessed that my 3 dogs, 2 beagles and a terrier mix, could be so well behaved in such a short amount of time. They had issues with food aggression, running around barking and jumping when someone comes in the door and one had some separation anxiety. Peggy has a way of teaching that involves everyone and she explains what she is doing step by step and why she is doing it, it really affirms her teaching skills. She is great with the dogs, she is so calm, caring and knows what to do with every situation. Peggy really listens to your concerns and comes up with different approaches and solutions to help the dogs and the owner succeed, it really is a team effort. After her first visit there was a noticeable change in the dogs behavior and it keeps building after each visit. The dogs love the training, they have so much fun and they love to be rewarded for their achievements! It's amazing how calm and relaxed they have been since the training started, I have had many comments from visitors that they can't believe the change in the dogs. It's amazing to see the positive impact the training has had on the dogs, I wish I would have started the training sooner! 

Tory From Birdsboro PA

Peggy Gibson is one the most talented human beings I have ever met. She has a way of reading animals and connecting with them on a level I have never seen. I found her to be a wealth of knowledge and full of positive energy and helped me immensely with training a very insecure dog to be a service dog. I highly recommend Peggy and wish her

all the best. 

​Thanks for Everything Peggy!
Wishing you the Best Always

Cathy Werner 

Aunt Peggy--
We met a little over a year ago when I was 3 years old. (I came to live in my fifth home, which is now my 'forever' home.) What an enormous difference you have made

in my life! 
You have been coming to see me faithfully every two weeks and you have taught me numerous activities. Just to mention a few: over, under, sit, stay, weave, come, paw, high 5, and tunnel. 

You are very special to me. You have a way of teaching me something new every time you come to see me. That is SO exciting for me! You try to 'sneak' up on me in your car as I am walking with Daddy, but I know it is you and I pull and tug on my leash until I get home to greet and kiss you!
I am writing this note with a heavy heart as Mommy, Daddy, my sister, Jamara (the  goofy cat) and me are moving to South Carolina. Nonetheless, I do hope you, David, Bo, Snowy and CiCi come visit me.
I will truly miss you.

Paws of luvin'...Princess, the Yorkie and Cathy Werner
Bethlehem PA.

Leslie Vaccaro 
Peggy came to work with my two schnoodle dogs who had fear issues and dog aggression.  She was gentle and kind to the dogs and showed me how to train my dogs without dominating them.  We have seen tremendous behavioral progress, they are no longer fearful and hiding when people come to the house and they are fun loving, relaxed dogs.  The dogs enjoy the training and their behavior in all aspects of life is greatly improved.  Even their day care provider noted that the dogs are more confident, less reactive and more relaxed in new situations.  

The training is gentle, non threatening but very effective.  Peggy is reliable, flexible with time and very friendly to the humans but stays focused on the dogs.  

Leslie Vaccaro, Elverson PA

Erin and Riley 

After suffering many years of problem dog behavior from aggression to
pulling me down when walking, I made the decision to seek out
professional help. Although my golden retriever had passed puppy
school with flying colors and worked with a private trainer he still
demonstrated defiant behaviors and extreme aggression towards other
dogs. One night while walking I did not see the dog across the street
and Riley charged at him and just attacked. It only took a minute or
two to break him away from the dog but this was the final straw. Prior
to seeing Peggy I had the privilege of having a large fenced in yard
where Riley could run free and I did not worry too much about other
dogs. But then I moved to West Chester where I have no yard and have
to walk Riley in a neighborhood filled with dogs. I knew I could not
keep him if the aggression persisted.
The first night I talked with Peggy we talked for almost an hour about
not the only the possible cause of aggression but various theories of
training. She did an excellent job of explaining all of her techniques in
clear understandable terms. Her schedule was extremely flexible and
she was able to come over that week. Immediately we noticed a change
in Riley just by teaching him some simple commands. The clicker and
treat system is simple and concrete. Within a few months we received
many compliments on Riley's behavior, something we had not heard since
he was a puppy. Our dog has gone from jumping on guests, begging for
food, and barking to get attention to laying down while guests pet
him, sitting and waiting for a treat. But most importantly is the
change in his walking. We are no longer being walked by Riley. It is
so enjoyable to stroll down the street and just coast along. Riley is
excellent when greeting people now and will wait for them to approach.
While we are still working on Riley's tolerance of other dogs we have
learned methods to keep his focus on us and not other dogs when we
walk which has made a world of difference.
Peggy is knowledgeable and confident in her training. She works very
hard to help her clients and is very in tune to their needs. She is
positive, upbeat, and provides you realistic achievable goals! I
highly recommend her services and always look forward to Riley's time
with her.

Erin and Riley
West Chester PA

Katie and 4 dogs 
The dogs are great.  I have really noticed a big difference in how they watch me for cues.
They are all such happy little guys. Once again thank you for everything.  All the work you do with them really shows.

Katie and her 4 dogs

Jill Tier and Lester 
Lester is doing really well.  We had friend over for lunch on Sunday and he was out and with us the whole time. They were so amazed at the difference in him...he hid the whole time they were at our home before!  I feel you have done such a GREAT job with Lester and have given me the tools and knowledge to continue on my own with his training.

Jill Tier

Sue From Royersford PA 

​Thank you for all your encouragement. I'm really glad I found you.  Your approach towards your clients is the same positive reinforcement you teach to use with dogs. Your calm, nurturing character comes through with every communication and I want you to know that I recognize and appreciate it.

Royersford PA.