"Do No Harm"

As a person first and a trainer second this statement is first on my list whether working with my own dogs or your dogs.

I share my home with my husband, 
​3 rescue dogs and 1 rescue cat.

In our household we have experienced dogs with all sorts of problems from no manners to severe behavioral issues.
​The goal is always the same to resolve problems so this dog can remain in
our home.

All training results are reached 

with out 
the use of force, fear, intimidation or dominance. 
NO shock collars chokes or prong are ever used to get results. 

Find a way to reach your dog

From pulling on the leash to dog aggression, dogs act out in many ways.

Does your dog:

  • Guard objects or growl at you?
  • Have bad manners?
  • Seem scared or afraid?
  • Act out in social settings?

If you are having trouble with a specific problem, let our trainer help.


Whispering Springs Dog Training is dedicated to improving your relationship with your furry companion.  We specialize in positive reinforcement training using consistency, repetition, patience and rewards to bring out the best in your dog.  If you and your dog are out of sync, give us a call or email us to set up a consultation.  If you are embarrassed by your dog's manners, Whispering Springs will establish a program ranging from basic obedience training to solutions for behavioral issues.  Our objective is to establish a peaceful coexistence between you and your dog.  A well behaved dog translates to a happy owner.

Get Personalized Training

Specializing in humane science-based training using positive reinforcement.

  • Training that is fair, kind and gentle.
  • Training that uses force
    ​free principles.
  • Training that is based in science.
  • Training that works for
    ​all species. 


All that is necessary is:
Open mind.
Willingness to learn.
Strong desire to help your dog.​

Call or email today to set up
​your appointment

Dog training services